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Pig News

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Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009

SURFER JOE (A213074) Easy-going attitude, all around cuteness and nice small size make SURFER JOE one cool little dude! Although not in the best of health when he was picked up as a stray in Watsonville, his resilience – combined with the above-and-beyond veterinary care he received at the Shelter – has paid off handsomely. When he first arrived, he was miserable, suffering from a nasty cold and a mouthful of bad teeth . . . After tons of TLC and lots of time with in the dentist’s chair having a few extractions and a thorough cleaning, he’s now happy, healthy and back to his enthusiastic, exuberant self – friendly, playful and eager to please. Now he just needs a loving home and a warm lap. Loves to be outside soaking up the sun and really likes to eat! Gets along fine with other dogs but would rather hang out with people. As we like to say around Santa Cruz, “surf’s up!” so come on down and think about making some waves with a great little buddy

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