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Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009

ROXY (A2132790

We call this little girl “Roxy”

On account of she’s sweet and foxy

Her past is swirled in mystery

Because all that’s known of her history

Abandoned and left behind,

Till noticed by someone kind,

She roamed the streets for food

Alone and lost in her hood

Brought here to be out of harm’s way

Now she waits for her lucky day

And the right person to happen by

Who’ll see the sparkle in her eye

With whom she’ll find home and a loving lap

And finally get a well-deserved nap!

Left to fend for herself, this sweet little gray tabby hung out in her neighborhood until a 

kind neighbor picked her up and brought her to the Shelter. Shelter staff say Roxy is 

spayed and estimate her to be about nine years old.

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