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Pig News

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Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009

Play the Marimba with CALIMBA

This sweet little guy seems to have no faults
Mister Sociability at home or on walks
Has no problem sleeping in a crate
With all sorts of dogs, gets along just great . . .

Isn't a yapper - for a small dog that's a plus!
Deals with situations with a minimum of fuss
Likes to be driven and go all around the town
Has the sweetest eyes of toffee chocolate brown!

Check out his video of a Sunday walkabout
Where he goes exploring sand and turf like an Explorer Scout
A more charming sight you'd be hardpressed to find
Than Mister Tiny Pockets here, reveling in sunshine.

Good things in small packages often do come
Like the little clown car that's packed full of fun
So take this guy home and you will surely see
What a calm and gentle soul Calimba proves to be!

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