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Pig News

KPIG Pet-o-Rama

Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009

FITZ (A211324)


I’m a sweet brown tabby about two years young

To ask you to pet me, I lick with my tongue

Cuz I like attention and I love chin scratches

Was found as a stray so I’ve hit some rough patches


But now I’m hopeful that I’ll find a home

No more need to wander the streets alone

I’m a lover, not a fighter – they say I’m very mellow

Sweet and affectionate – an easy-going fellow.


When the kennel door opens I’m there to greet you

Charming and handsome like Alejandro Iñárritu

If you can take me home and give me a break

An award-winning combo we certainly would make


I’m a talker, I’m a purr-er, I’m all-around treat

Just need a comfy bed and a bite to eat

I’ll be a lovin’ companion and a great friend

You and me, buddy – pals to the end!

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