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Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009

Toto is looking for his Dorothy, Lion, or Tin Man and a loving forever home. As cute as he is, he needs a little help. On first introductions, Toto is a bit shy when you reach for him, but when given the opportunity, he wants to say hello and be in your lap. Hands may not have always been offered in a friendly manner so he needs caring folks in his life willing to help him rewrite his history with some patience and love. 

The wonderful experiences he is having with volunteers and staff at the Shelter has already gotten him on the yellow brick road. He is very sweet and quiet here and we have no doubt he will continue to be a stellar character.

Toto is a very nice little guy and ready to be someone's forever true love. 
He will prefer slow, positive introductions to other dogs and people. Good, positive interactions will be the key to Toto's continued development. 

Toto is a neutered male, chocolate and white Terrier mix, approximately 8 years old.

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