Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

Host of Rev. Billy’s Rhythm Revival

You’re scrolling through the stations, and all of a sudden, you thinking you may be experiencing a “Twilight Zone,” moment. You’re listening to wild, jumpin’ R&B from the 1950’s, followed by Sam Cooke singing Gospel, segueing into Ina –Gadda- Da-Vida in Spanish. In Between the tunes, the often manic, occasionally scholarly  “Man With The Plan, With The Platters in His Hand,” Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, tells you about the circumstances under which the song was recorded, the original label it was on, and what the sax player ordered to go from the nearby Chinese restaurant.

Wirtz is a virtual Wikipedia of music trivia, as well as a devoted lover of Gospel, Soul, Country and virtual all forms of roots music. You want unique? It doesn’t get much more original than this. His stated mission: “To connect the dots, and break down the walls.”

Listen for just one hour, and you’ll be amazed at hearing a song that you always associated with one Genre of music, played in an entirely different manner, with an entirely different groove.

“Theme” shows are is specialty. One week he may go off on a Boogie Woogie kick, playing nothing but numerous variations on the famous eight-to-the-bar style.

Wirtz brings thirty years of playing music on the road to the table as well, often relating personal stories involving the music he plays.

Over the years, he has developed a devoted following, that continues to grow.

From the sacred to the (mildly) profane, tune into the Rhythm Revival, and get a dose of that “Healin’ Feelin’on the Rhythm Revival, Rev. Billy C. Wirtz. AMEN!!


Sunday, July 5, 2015
9:00PM - 11:00PM
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