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Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009



A silky flirtatious beauty with golden eyes! As soon as you open her kennel door, she rolls on her back, purring with welcoming happiness. This sweet, calm girl clearly loves people and very much misses her family who surrendered her to the Shelter when they had to move and their new landlord wouldn’t allow cats.


Mars enjoys catnip and playing with wand toys, but her preference is being petted and getting head rubs. She is handling her stay at the Shelter with acceptance and grace but is really looking forward to having her own person or persons again. Shelter volunteers who have spent time with Mars describe her over and over again as “super friendly”,  “good-natured ”, “curious”, “talkative” – in short, a real love bug!


At ten years old, this girl is nicely settled and mellow. There’s no need to hesitate about adopting an older cat since their average lifespan is now 16 years or more especially if given good, tender loving care. Older cats have a lot of love to give and know how to receive it as well. They appreciate a warm lap to snooze in, loving arms around them, and a kiss on their nose from a beloved human companion. They seem to know that they’ve been given a second chance and are fortunate to be with you. Older cats can be a particularly wise choice for seniors and/or for families seeking a second cat for their household.


Mars is ready to grace your home with her elegant presence and affectionate nature. Give her the gift of a forever home and she will repay you with melodic purrs and an endless supply of appreciative head butts and love!

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