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Please Stand By

Posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PLEASE STAND BY   OCT.19th, 2014

                                                                        GUEST HOST ERIC PARSON



Whether crossing genres or state lines, he has pieced together a story people need to hear. His self-titled debut album pulls together some of Nashville’s most seasoned musicians, who have helped put the breath into a body of songs that are as straight-forward and captivating as the man who sings them.

Sam is on tour with Marty Stewart



Bradley Royds is a composer, performer, producer, sound designer and recording artist. Currently, his songs and sounds can be heard in television shows, commercials, theater, video games, and on the radio, Cd's and the internet.

Bay Park Hotel Lounge Oct. 16



Echoes of music ranging from classical, to jazz, to rock, to flamenco, to Celtic, to even bluegrass can be heard in Incendio's music. It is no surprise that this eclectic blend of influences has led to a sound that is a truly unique one.

Don Quixotes October 19



With an odd-ass blend of dysfunctional bluegrass-up-tempo ballads and humorous soul, DamDave and the Hot Dam Band stumble effortlessly through original originals & some pretty dang good covers.  They will make you laugh, dance, and wet your pants.                                                     Don Quixotes October 15



Sponsored by: Sylvan Music, Santa Cruz &

Pacific Coast Kitchen and Bath, San Luis Obispo





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