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Please Stand By

Posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please Stand By Live From the West End Celebration in Sand City August 24th

Hosted by Sleepy John


Ashwin Batish has broken out of the classical Indian mold nto an electronic and electrifying style that is modern in every sense, but does not lose the melodic and often mysterious sound of India

10:30 LIA ROSE

The instumentals and vocals featured on Lia Rose's album When you Need me Most each possess a quiet strength. The two work together, one never overshadowing the other, making this a successful solo effort for the Californian idie singer/songwriter.


Dave is a musician and band leader exploring the acoustic frontiers of the mandolin.


There hasn't been a down home country singer/songwriter this good since Iris Dement. Think of Dement, only a whole lot more fun, and you'll get a good picture of the joy that is Sara's "Circus Comes to Town".


Sponsored by: Sylvan Music, Santa Cruz and Pacific Coast Kitchen & Bath, SLO



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