Laura Ellen (In Memoriam)

Known to KPIG listeners as the friendly, down-home host of Out To Lunch every weekday on The Pig - the unassuming gal-next-door voice that makes the workday go down smoother - Laura Ellen is in fact the Program Director of KPIG, and the very sight of her strikes terror into the hearts of her fellow KPIG DeeJays.

Well, maybe not terror, exactly. Perhaps a vague sense of order and responsibility toward the KPIG management. No - that's still a little strong. How 'bout "whew, I'm glad I work for her and not one of those corporate radio weasels I read about in Rolling Stone". Yeah. That's more like it.

Laura Ellen started her association with weird, offbeat radio stations as a teenage volunteer at KDNA in St. Louis - a station whose claims to fame included a highly publicized police raid and a running feud between the two Marxist communes based at the station's studios. Her tenure at the infamous KFAT was only slightly less bizarre. Come to think of it, KPIG is a pretty damn strange place to hang out, too. Coincidence? Perhaps...

Laura Ellen is assisted in her management responsibilities by her programming consultants Rosie and Amy, (who also are in charge of KPIG's Physical Education Department. They are always on the lookout for slacking SalesSwine and dawdling DeeJays, ready to press them into ball-throwing subservience at a moment's notice.

Laura Ellen left us on Memorial Day 2007 at 7:15A.M., due to complications from cancer.

Feel free to email KPIG at your condolences or rememberences. If you have photos of Laura please attach them to your email.

The family requests that donations be made to:

Here's a great article about Laura Ellen from Radio & Records.

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