Freedom, CA KPIG FM 107.5

Freedom, CA KPIG FM 107.5

Happy Hour
Every Tuesday from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Join KPIG at Cilantros in Watsonville for KPIG HAPPY HOUR. Cilantros, corner of Green Valley and Main Streets in Watsonville. We will have food, drinks and lots of great prizes. ARRIBAAA.

What is KPIG?
We're an anachronism - a throwback to the days when real DJs picked out the music, and listeners expected something more from a radio station than just a couple of hundred songs repeated over and over, with some "big voice" guy yelling about how great it all is. We're also - to the amazement of all of the radio "professionals" who make the rules we thumb our noses at - very successful, though we try not to let it go to our heads.

KPIG's predecessor was the world-infamous KFAT which broadcast during that station's 1976-1982 lifetime. The Pig crew is well-seasoned in the art & craft of "progressive" radio.

We invite you to browse the PigSqueals for proof that our listeners are just as passionate as we are.

KPIG is located in Freedom, California - near Santa Cruz - and radiates a mighty 2,850 watts from a knoll (bare - not grassy) in scenic Prunetucky-by-the-Slough. We broadcast at 107.5 FM - and in spite of having perhaps the worst signal in the area, we're frequently rated #1 in our market (in Adults 25-54). Click here for the latest ratings (persons 12 +).

We were also the first station in the world to webcast our audio (we've been webcasting continuously since 8/2/95), and over the years we've acquired a fanatical world-wide following.

Please take a moment to read a little about Laura Ellen our guiding light, who we miss dearly.

  • Upcoming Events
  • 01.28 Concert: Will Kimbrough and Brigette DeMeyer @ Don Quixote's
  • 01.30 Concert: Willie Watson @ Don Quixote's
  • 01.30 Concert: Blame Sally @ Kuumbwa Jazz Center
  • 01.31 Concert: Royal Southern Brotherhood @ Moe's Alley
  • 02.03 Concert: Todd Snider @ Rio Theater
  • 02.05 Concert: Carolyn Wonderland @ Moe's Alley
  • 02.12 Concert: Fred Eaglesmith @ Rio Theater
  • 02.13 Concert: The Sam Chase @ Catalyst
  • 02.13 Concert: California Honeydrops @ Moe's Alley
  • 02.14 Concert: California Honeydrops @ Moe's Alley
  • 02.14 Concert: Paul Thorn @ Rio Theater
  • 02.15 Concert: Over The Rhine @ Rio Theater
  • 02.15 Concert: Sherry Austin and Henhouse and Carolyn Sills Combo @ Kuumbwa Jazz Center
  • 02.15 Special Event: Brian Regan @ Golden State Theater
  • 02.20 Concert: Los Lobos @ Moes Alley
  • 02.27 Concert: Slaid Cleaves @ Kuumbwa Jazz Center
  • 03.08 Concert: Pierre Bensusan @ Don Quixote's
  • 03.12 Concert: The Rayburn Brothers @ Don Quixote's
  • 03.14 Concert: Peter Rowan @ Kuumbwa Jazz Center
  • 04.19 Concert: Chris Webster and Nina Gerber @ Don Quixote's
  • 04.26 Concert: Sherry Austin and Henhouse @ Don Quixote's
  • 06.17 Concert: Tom Russell @ Don Quixote's
  • 07.11 Concert: Chuck Wagon and the Wheels @ Don Quixote's
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